Channel Islands High School Weekly Update

[source: Channel Islands High School, published: 11/09/2017]

Right Question Stories from the Field: Farming on Volcanoes, Flint’s Water Crisis, and Excreting Isopods

How educators are using the Question Formulation Technique in STEM lessons around the country and world. By Chris Orchard Students in Alyssa Park’s fourth-grade class had a pressing question about isopods. Specifically, “Do they poop?” To refresh your memory, isopods are “small sessile-eyed aquatic or terrestrial crustaceans with the body composed of seven free thoracic […]

“How does the sun’s power get into you?” Using the QFT to Explore Energy with First Graders

By Jodie Botzang, First Grade Teacher, Summers’ Corners Public School, Aylmer, Ontario, Canada What I like about the Question Formulation Technique (QFT) process is that it provides an opportunity for my first graders to ask their questions without feeling insecure or judged on their prior knowledge. The idea that you ask every question that comes […]

My Ah-Ha Moments with the Question Formulation Technique

by Connie Williams When first starting to use the Question Formulation Technique (QFT), I thought I needed to run through the process as described each and every time. It made sense, after all, to complete it with fidelity so that I would know that I was doing it “right.” As I became more competent – […]

Supporting Teachers’ ICT Curriculum and Pedagogy: On-going Professional Development

[source: LIBE 477B, published: 10/20/2017]

The Abilities They Have by Andrea Fanjoy

[source: KCS Matters, published: 10/23/2017]

Day 2 of Project – Generating Inquiry

[source: Speed Limit Project: High School Physics, published: 10/12/2017]

Combining Inquiry and PBL: 3 Guidelines for Success by Kelsey Bednar

[source: Getting Smart, published: 10/18/2017]

Getting Our Students Excited About Science by Kathy Renfrew

[source: Middle Web: All About the Middle Grades, published: 09/20/2017]

Research 101: Questioning by Kara

[source: Living Like Great-Grandma, published: 09/17/2017]