Survival, libraries, and your students by Connie Williams

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The Question Focus Technique by Diann Espinoza

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Understanding Content Curation – A Refresh by Nancy White

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Re-inventing myself, once again by Jeanne Angel

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Where Do I Even Start? Pt.2 by Lizzie Fortin

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Preparing Problem Finders and Solvers by Matt Pavao

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Ignorance and Failure by Heidi Park

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Design Thinking or PBL: A Chicken/ Egg Scenario by Chris Fancher

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Audience As Learning – Speed Networking by Tracey Kracht

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The Question Formulation Technique for Deepening Thought

by Melanie Meehan Throughout the year, our district provides ongoing professional development from the Reading and Writing Project at Teachers College of Columbia University (TCRWP). Staff developers visit our district and do demonstration lessons, provide coaching, and lead study groups around reading and writing workshops and content area literacy instruction. They always share innovative tools […]