Audience As Learning – Speed Networking by Tracey Kracht

[source: Transforming Education – Think BIG, Start Small, published: 06/20/2017]

The Question Formulation Technique for Deepening Thought

by Melanie Meehan Throughout the year, our district provides ongoing professional development from the Reading and Writing Project at Teachers College of Columbia University (TCRWP). Staff developers visit our district and do demonstration lessons, provide coaching, and lead study groups around reading and writing workshops and content area literacy instruction. They always share innovative tools […]

Asking the Right Questions by Tikvah Wiener

[source: The Times of Israel - New Jersey: The Jewish Standard , published: 06/02/2017]

Seminar on Best Practices in the QFT in partnership with Teaching Residents at Teachers College, Columbia University

A fast-evolving economy and turbulent civic environment mean it’s not enough for students to learn. They must be taught how to learn – how to adapt to new situations by asking questions, seeking answers, and maintaining nimble minds. The Right Question Institute (RQI), in partnership with Teaching Residents at Teachers College, Columbia University, invite you to […]

Learning Log #3: Loving the Questions by Carmen Di Lucca

[source:, published: 05/31/2017]

A Pen-and-Paper Technique for the EdTech Enthusiast

By Jay Sorensen So, the Question Formulation Technique (QFT) isn’t necessarily a technology-related tool. It can be done with no more than pencil and paper. Of course, you can enhance it by bringing in videos, or using VR for your Q-focus, or holding an online discussion of questions. But I think of the QFT as tech-related in […]

Intellectual Curiosity by Danielle Strohmeyer

[source: Lessons for the Learned, published: 05/01/2017]

Stepping Up Their Game by Batavia Public School

[source: Batavia Public School, published: 04/12/2017]

Collaboration Dynamics by Telannia Norfar

[source: P21, published: 03/28/2017]

Question Writer: Quick Primary Source Inquiry Activity by TPS MSU Denver

[source:, published: 04/11/2017]