Coaching Through Questions: An Instructional Coach’s Experience with the QFT

A Shift That Just Makes Sense When students ask their own questions, it sparks curiosity, independence, and self-confidence, cultivating students’ ownership over their own learning. This is a shift that just makes sense. So how does an instructional coach, like myself, create this shift and promote curious conversations in the classroom? At our school, asking […]

Exploring Four Words for “Question” in Japanese

I’ve been pondering the word “question” for the last couple months. How do you translate “Question Formulation Technique” into Japanese – a language with four words for “question?” by Tomoko Ouchi Not all questions are the same I was born, raised and educated in Japan, and as The Right Question Institute’s international program specialist, I […]

The Question Formulation Technique in Japan

One year after an eye-opening trip to Japan, the Right Question Institute’s Dan Rothstein reflects on that country’s growing interest in the Question Formulation Technique and how educators in Japan face similar challenges – and share similar commitment – to those in the United States. Educators in Japan, as elsewhere, are seeking ways to provide a […]

Circles + Squares by Rick Barlow

[source: Kindling Fires, published: 04/10/2018]

The Activity Summary Board by Israel Touitou, Stephen Barry, Tom Bielik, Barbara Schneider, and Joeseph Krajcik

[source: NSTA, published: 03/01/2018]

Make Just One Change: Teach Students to Ask Their Own Questions by Dana Huff

[source: Huff English, published: 04/10/2018]

How can NGSS practices transform science teaching & learning? by Amy C. Foley

[source: Teaching Is Learning, published: 04/06/2018]

Flickr & QFT by Kelly Roberts

[source: Roberts Reads & Writes, published: 03/30/2018]

Learner-Centered Tip of the Week: Three Ways to Bring More Learner Voice into Learning Opportunities by Courtney Belolan

[source: CompetencyWorks, published: 03/30/2018]

Right Question Stories from the Field: Beowulf, Romeo and Juliet, and Modern-Day Hester Prynnes

How English teachers use the Question Formulation Technique to support students as they pursue deeper understanding of texts and develop their critical thinking. By Chris Orchard Teaching English is more than drilling students in the details of punctuation, pronouns and parallel structure, though such things are important. It’s more than lecturing about poetry and prose, […]