RQI Roundup

See what others are saying around the web about the The Right Question Institute. These links will take you away from the RQI website.

Survival, libraries, and your students by Connie Williams

[source: Knowledge Quest: Journal of the American Association of School Librarians, published: 07/19/2017]

The Question Focus Technique by Diann Espinoza

[source: Classroom Musings contemplaciones de la aula, published: 07/15/2017]

Understanding Content Curation – A Refresh by Nancy White

[source: Innovations in Education, published: 07/17/2017]

Re-inventing myself, once again by Jeanne Angel

[source: Belief First, published: 07/19/2017]

Where Do I Even Start? Pt.2 by Lizzie Fortin

[source: Choice in an Urban Art Room, published: 07/07/2017]

Preparing Problem Finders and Solvers by Matt Pavao

[source: P21, published: 05/18/2017]

Ignorance and Failure by Heidi Park

[source: Learning to Teach Science, published: 06/27/2017]

Design Thinking or PBL: A Chicken/ Egg Scenario by Chris Fancher

[source: P21, published: 06/22/2017]

Audience As Learning – Speed Networking by Tracey Kracht

[source: Transforming Education – Think BIG, Start Small, published: 06/20/2017]

Asking the Right Questions by Tikvah Wiener

[source: The Times of Israel - New Jersey: The Jewish Standard , published: 06/02/2017]