“What would change in our community if no one judged?” 7th Graders Question Social Dynamics in Literature, and in Their Own Lives

How can teachers foster social awareness and empathy through student-generated questions? Teachers are often looking for new ways to build connections between course content and their students’ lives. In this classroom example, Erin Wynn, a 7th grade English Language Arts (ELA) teacher, used the Question Formulation Technique (QFT) to engage students at the start of […]

The Question Not Heard Around the World: A New New Year’s Resolution

  I was four years old. I remember the moment very clearly. My older cousin asked me, “Why do you ask so many questions?” and I responded, “Well, I want to know more and more.” I couldn’t really explain it to her, but I just had this urge to learn about the world around me. […]