Cultivating Curiosity by Deliberately Teaching Students How to Ask Questions by Andrew Minigan

In his piece for Education Week, Andrew Minigan, RQI Education Project and Research Coordinator, writes, “Question formulation is fundamental to cognitive development and how we learn from others, and yet it is a skill that is rarely developed in classrooms.” Read his post on the importance of deliberately teaching students how to ask questions.   […]

Elementary Students Driving their Learning by Asking Questions: An Interview with Deirdre Brotherson

an interview with Deirdre Brotherson by Mikah Farbo Earlier this month Deirdre Brotherson, a 5th grade teacher at Hooksett Memorial School in New Hampshire, took time out of her busy day to speak with me and share her experience with the Question Formulation Technique (QFT). Through our conversation, I learned how Brotherson’s use of the […]

Student Questions, Shifting Classrooms

by Erica DeVoe The past three books I’ve read changed me. Actually, they defined me. No wait, they articulated what I’ve always known myself to be, but I had yet to articulate it for myself… and that, that is what saved me. Grant Lichtman’s The Falconer, Warren Berger’s A More Beautiful Question, and Santana and Rothstein’s […]

Student Engagement as Accountability: “Our Goal is for Our Students to Own Their Learning”

by Greg Graham How can we hold our students more accountable for their learning? This is a common question heard in schools today.  We have asked this question many times in our own school.  Are we asking the right question?  Should we focus on student accountability or provide more opportunities for students to invest in […]

Not Just Starting Point: Student Research & The QFT

by Quentin Flokstra As a high school humanities teacher in a small school, I do a lot of projects.  I like to foster in my students a quest to find interesting information and to understand the world that they live in.  As such, I spent a lot of time talking to our librarian about best research […]

It’s Their Class Now! Building Classrooms of Curiosity

“Just curious” It’s a statement that has been near and dear to my heart for as long as I can remember. “Does life on other planets exist? Just curious.” “Is the Bible a real history book? Just curious.” “What was life like in the Americas before the Europeans arrived? Just curious.” A couple of years […]

What are you wondering when you hear…?: Student Engagement in a Project-Based Learning Primary Classroom

Inquiry-based learning has been getting a lot of attention lately for student engagement and developing 21st Century skills.  Rather than being filled with teacher lectures, students are doing the research and driving the instruction.  A lot of schools are adopting PBL to embrace this type of learning in the classroom. This acronym can mean Project-Based […]

“So Much More to Learn”: Boosting Student Engagement in Middle Schoolers

Joshua Beer discovered the Question Formulation Technique (QFT) while searching for more ways to integrate questions into his classroom. A middle school social studies teacher, Beer greatly encourages and promotes questions in his classroom and wanted to do more to get his students engaged in asking their own questions. Beer has been using the QFT […]

Questions for Design: Asking Questions as Toolset

I am using the QFT to lead up to the design challenges of which my students would do at the end of the course which involve logo design, advertising, package design, typography and publication design. Before they do the actual challenges, students will use the QFT to ask questions about designing with restraint. The purpose […]

“Right” Questions vs. “Correct” Answers: Teaching Deeper Learning

As I explained the importance of withholding final judgment as we gather evidence and information, I saw a crooked grin creep onto his face. “I see what you’re doing,” he said, nodding as he prepared to walk out of class. When I prepare lessons for my students at Pathways in Technology Early College High School […]