“The Right Questions”
Dan Rothstein & Luz Santana in Education Leadership @ ASCD

Educators Want Students To Ask The Questions
Dan & Luz on Here & Now with Robin Young

Educators Want Students To Ask The Questions

The classic model of teaching is leading students by asking questions. It’s often called The Socratic Method, after the ancient Greek philosopher, but it’s a staple of the modern classrooms from elementary school up to college. The most famous Hollywood version of it may be from the film and TV show, The Paper Chase, set at Harvard Law School.

Educators Dan Rothstein and Luz Santana want to turn the standard model on its head. They’ve founded the “Right Question Institute,” based on the idea that it’s much more effective to teach students to formulate and ask their own questions. It’s critical not just for the classroom, but for students’ lives.

They also argue that the ability to ask questions is critical to a healthy democracy.

“It’s possible to imagine a dictatorship without questions, but not a democracy,” Dan Rothstein told Here and Now‘s Robin Young.

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