The Strategy

The Right Question Strategy can help all individuals learn how to ask better questions; participate more effectively in decisions; advocate for themselves, their families, and communities; and hold decision-makers accountable on all levels of democracy.

Educators: Use this lesson plan to work with students around the theme of voting. Explore how voting is a role students can play to make their voices heard. Build their sense of urgency to vote. Jump into other lessons about the history of voting, voting rights, and other issues.

Learn about our tools for self-advocacy and voter engagement — building a new pathway for nonvoters that leads to voting.

See how the Right Question Strategy can help people during the COVID-19 pandemic and beyond.

The Right Question Strategy is made up of two powerful tools, both created by the Right Question Institute:

Together, the QFT and the VIDT build powerful and foundational skills that are rarely encouraged deliberately.

RQI Strategy Workshop
Strategy @MacQueen_CJUSD

The QFT is a simple yet robust step-by-step process that can help everyone improve their ability to formulate, work with, and use their own questions. The VIDT enhances the ability of all people to effectively participate in decisions that affect them. Both methods are used across many different fields, including education, school-family partnership, social services, and voter engagement.

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The Question Formulation Technique in Education

In the classroom, educators around the world in diverse communities, from pre-k through higher education across all subject areas, have found that the QFT is a shortcut to stimulating student curiosity, increasing student engagement, and promoting deeper learning. Research has also found that the QFT significantly increases student curiosity, divergent thinking, and cognitive engagement, can lead to better argumentative writing scores, and that kindergarten students who learn the QFT ask more on-topic questions than students who have not learned the QFT. Learn more about the QFT and see it in action in the classroom.

Research has found that when facilitated with fidelity, the QFT is significantly positively associated with changes in student curiosity.
The QFT has been found to
significantly improve secondary students’ argument writing achievement scores.
After learning and using the QFT, five times as many kindergarten students asked on-topic questions in comparison to a class that did not learn the QFT.

Across Many Fields
Hundreds of thousands of people across many fields are enthusiastically using RQI’s resources to help individuals develop their own ability to ask better questions and participate more effectively in decisions.

Resources for Teaching + Learning
Facilitate student curiosity and engagement
Resources for Schools + Families
Build effective school-family partnerships
Resources for Voter Engagement
Make it easier to identify decisions that affect us and to see the connections between decisions on different levels that have an impact on us each day
Learn More
Microdemocracy communicates a simple vision: effective participation in a democracy can start when people begin to participate in decisions that affect them in their ordinary encounters with public or publicly funded institutions.

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