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Your donations help RQI provide free resources for educators, schools, and organizations working in low-income communities.



Your gift makes it possible for RQI to partner with more front-line service organizations — places like women’s shelters, adult literacy programs, parent outreach programs and social services agencies — to build people’s ability to advocate more effectively for themselves, their families, and their communities.

Voter Engagement

Your support can help bring RQI’s unique voter engagement strategy to more people in low income communities around the country.

Legal Empowerment Program

With your gift, RQI can provide training and resources to more legal professionals and advocates who work with low-income clients, building clients’ sense of agency and voice in the courtroom and beyond. Donate to the Legal Empowerment Program here

Teaching + Learning

Your donation will help bring free resources to teachers and students, supporting a culture of curiosity, engagement, equity, rigorous thinking, and lifelong learning in classrooms across America and around the world.

Andrew Minigan, our longtime colleague and friend, died in September, 2020, at the age of 29. Andrew brought a passion for learning and teaching to students and educators around the world. He was especially devoted to creating transformative learning opportunities for students at community colleges, junior colleges, and public universities. The Andrew Minigan Memorial Fund carries his work and energy forward. You can make a gift in his memory and share a message with his family.

Visit the Andrew Minigan Memorial Fund page to learn more and make a donation.

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