Teaching + Learning

We learn with and from educators to create free resources and powerful learning experiences so that all learners have access to a fundamental skill for thinking and learning: question formulation.

Higher Education

We support faculty members and researchers at a range of institutions to foster question formulation in their own research and with students inside and outside the classroom.

Voter Engagement

We provide free resources and consulting to direct service organizations in low-income communities — sharing a strategy that allows individuals to see the value and urgency in voting.

Legal Empowerment Program

We supply training and resources to legal professionals who serve low-income clients — fostering stronger partnerships with clients and building their ability to navigate the legal system and advocate for themselves in other settings.


We conduct workshops and provide free training and consulting to direct service agencies working with low-income populations. Our strategy strengthens people’s ability to ask questions, hold decision-makers accountable, navigate complex systems of services, and advocate for themselves and their families.


We work with educators and parent groups to deepen partnerships and identify opportunities for parents to ask questions and participate in decisions that affect them and their children.

Social Services

We provide free resources and assistance to staff at social service agencies, building their clients’ ability to ask questions, participate in decisions, and advocate for themselves, their families, and their communities.

Health Care

Working mostly with health care providers serving low-income populations, we share a proven intervention that improves communication between patients and providers and leads to greater patient activation and satisfaction.

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