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How do I come up with a good QFocus?

It is helpful to remember that there is no “right” QFocus. Anticipating possible student questions to be generated from a QFocus ahead of time can help check to see if the process might go in a direction we like. Ask colleagues! The RQI website offers some valuable worksheets that help with this process.

The quality of the QFocus depends on the aims and goals of your lesson or unit, how you intend students to use their questions, and whether what you anticipate students will ask about the QFocus is in fact what is elicited. These aspects should all be aligned. The QFocus can be anything — except a question. Keep it simple. Consider using a visual or provocative statement that students can relate to. This PowerPoint and page 4 and 5 of this QFT planning tool can support your QFT design. Many educators have said that the QFocus design becomes easier the more often they use the QFT in the classroom.

What do I do with students' questions after the QFT?

There are examples on how to use the QFT at different points in a lesson in this Educational Leadership article. There are many examples across grade levels and subject areas that you can find here, and the Right Question Network offers free educational resources to support your work on teaching students how to ask their own questions. It is essential that educators conceive how they would like their students to use their questions ahead of time and adjust facilitation instructions to lend to the planned next steps.

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