Make Visible the Decisions that Affect Us Every Day

Voting rates among low-income Americans are the lowest of all population groups. Traditional voter engagement registration efforts have had limited success. RQI has developed a unique, nonpartisan, cost-effective strategy that results in people in low-income communities seeing the value of voting, feeling motivated to vote, and able to overcome obstacles to voting. The Right Question Voter Engagement Strategy directly addresses that fundamental problem by making visible small and large decisions that affect us every day. It starts with an exercise for participants to see how capable they are of thinking clearly about a key decision they make every day. Then, participants make the link to decisions made by public officials that may be more difficult to see.

This strategy is particularly effective for engaging traditional non-voters among youth and in low-income communities. It can be used in a wide range of settings, including high schools, adult literacy programs, social service agencies, and community organizations.

Discovering the Value of Voting and Having a Voice, from Arizona to Pennsylvania

A staff of a statewide network of adult education programs in many states across the country (Arizona, New Mexico, Missouri,…

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I see that if I don’t vote, then other people are going to keep making decisions for me. This, at least, gives me a chance to have a say in who’s going to be making those decisions.

I learned that my opinion counts.

I can use what I learned to participate in community decisions and in all daily aspects of my life.

I was always trying to figure out how to get my students to see why they should vote, but I never had an effective way for doing it. The Right Question Strategy is amazing. It works like magic. It gets them to see on their own why voting is important.

Students were more engaged than ever. They came back the next day excited about conversations they are having with other people about the election. They are more motivated to vote and feeling more confident about their ability to understand what’s going on and to have a say in the elections.

Catalyze Democratic Participation in New Ways
Our Vision of Microdemocracy

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Discover how teaching effective participation skills to people using social services can lead to traditional democratic action such as voting

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