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Make Just One Change

Make Just One Change: Teach Students to Ask Their Own Questions (Harvard Education Press: 2011) makes two simple arguments: All students should and can learn to formulate their own questions All educators can easily teach the skill as part of their regular practice Make Just One Change not only makes the case for the importance of teaching students how to ask their own questions, it also provides a clear step-by-step process for teaching a…

Reading Guide for Book – Make Just One Change

…Has anyone developed questions for the book – Make Just One Change? We are starting a book club and could use some direction. Thanks. Debi Bella Robbinsville High School (NJ)…

How Can Medical Students Learn to Ask Better Questions?

Lessons from a Harvard Medical School Conference on Medical Education Dan Rothstein | Co-Director, The Right Question Institute. I recently crossed the river from Cambridge to Boston to spend some time at Harvard Medical School listening to a slew of fascinating discussions about how to improve medical education. Harvard Medical School (HMS) deserves a lot of credit for thinking very seriously about what its graduates should know and be able to…

Make the Work Easier for Teachers: Teach Students to Think for Themselves

What do a middle school teacher in a challenging Atlanta public school and a Ph.D graduate student teaching undergraduate physics students at Harvard College have in common? They’re both working too hard. We’ve heard from both of them and from many other educators that they wind up doing too much thinking for their students. There may, in fact, be no more challenging task for a teacher than to figure out how to get all students to think for…


Teach Students to Ask Their Own Questions The skill of question asking is far too rarely deliberately taught in school. We have worked with and learned from educators to develop a teaching strategy that provides a simple, yet powerful way to get students asking their own questions and building off their peers’ questions. Classroom Practice Just when you think you know all that you need to know, you ask another question and discover how…

The Question Formulation Technique in Japan

One year after an eye-opening trip to Japan, the Right Question Institute’s Dan Rothstein reflects on that country’s growing interest in the Question Formulation Technique and how educators in Japan face similar challenges – and share similar commitment – to those in the United States. Educators in Japan, as elsewhere, are seeking ways to provide a forward-looking education to the generation of students whose lives and careers will unfold…

Students as Questioners 2: Make Just One Change by Alane Starko

[source:, published: 10/04/2015]

Callings edited by Dave Isay and Make Just One Change by Dan Rothstein and Luz Santana by Deb Baker

[source: BookConscious, published: 04/05/2017]

Make Just One Change: Teach Students to Ask Their Own Questions by Dana Huff

[source: Huff English, published: 04/10/2018]

Make Just One Change: Teach Students to Ask Their Own Questions by Judi Moreillon

[source: Building a Culture of Collaboration, published: 08/07/2017]