The Foldscope: Making Discoveries Through Experience

by Aisha Suara Manu Prakash’s Foldscope is simple, cost-effective, and most importantly, geared towards experience rather than information. A recent article in the New Yorker by Carolyn Kormann tells the story of Manu Prakash, a biophysicist at Stanford, who is working to revolutionize global health through his new invention called the Foldscope. The Foldscope is […]

How Can Medical Students Learn to Ask Better Questions?

Lessons from a Harvard Medical School Conference on Medical Education Dan Rothstein | Co-Director, The Right Question Institute. I recently crossed the river from Cambridge to Boston to spend some time at Harvard Medical School listening to a slew of fascinating discussions about how to improve medical education. Harvard Medical School (HMS) deserves a lot of […]

InQuiring Minds: Is a Patient Portal Enough?

Compiled and Written by Right Question Intern Jessica Faust. Although IT solutions help involve patients in their appointments through apps and portals, miscommunication between care provider and patient is still a prevalent issue in medicine. The articles below highlight the challenges of engaging patients and demonstrate the prevailing need for non-technological strategies to complement IT solutions […]

InQuiring Minds: High-Tech and Low-Tech Patient Engagement Perspectives

This issue of inQuiring Minds focuses on the different methodologies being discussed to engage patients in their healthcare. The articles below break down this challenge by indicating the need for a combination of high-and low-tech solutions to improve patient involvement and transparency in medicine. “Without information, and without a voice, patients are unlikely to flip […]

Quotes from a Successful Healthcare Seminar

Our first healthcare seminar last week was a success! We were pleased to see an active group of 28 participants, including a mix of social workers, nurses, community health workers, healthcare profession educators, and administrators joining us from not just around Boston, but also Springfield, MA and Rhode Island. We began with an overview and […]

Flip the Clinic: Bringing an Education Movement into Health Care Delivery

“Flipping the classroom” is a relatively recent innovation that requires students to watch videos of lectures or lessons individually before class, then using the following class time to practice problems and critical thinking in groups. Teachers, instead of giving initial lectures, facilitate group learning and are available to answer students’ questions. The flipped classroom transforms […]

Increasing Patient Activation in NYC: The Right Question-Effective Patient Strategy (RQ-EPS)

Last week we posted about a recent article in the WSJ on patient activation. We are calling for more champions for this significant approach to help patients gain the knowledge, skills, and confidence to manage their health needs. Judith Hibbard not only developed the language and framework of patient activation, but also the validated tool […]

We Need More Champions for Patient Activation

A recent article in the Wall Street Journal makes a strong case for patient activation.  Patient activation refers to a patient’s knowledge, skills, and confidence to manage their own health. According to the article, “patients who are highly activated have better outcomes and incur lower costs, studies show, even though as many as 40% of […]

Embrace the Awkward – A Shift in Healthcare Practice

Last weekend we conducted a training for Tufts undergraduate students about the Right Question-Effective Patient Strategy (RQ-EPS) and how they could teach it to patients. The students volunteer at the Sharewood free clinic and provide information about public health topics, check patients’ vitals, and refer patients to a case manager. They inform patients they can […]

RQI: Looking Back, Encouraging Forward

In the words of artist Antony Gormley, we are “trying to make work that is reflective and is encouraging of reflection.” This year has been a transformative year for our organization and seeing the growth and conversation about the value and impact of our educational strategy has made us very excited for our future. With […]