Free Library of Congress Webinar: Questions are the Engines of Intellect

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The Right Question Institute will be presenting a free webinar, “Questions are the Engines of Intellect”: How to Stimulate Student Curiosity and Questions, on October 26th for the Library of Congress’ Online Conference: Discover and Explore with Library of Congress Primary Sources. Sign up for free today to learn how to use students’ questions for teaching with primary sources, and read the full session description below!

The historian David Hackett Fischer observed that “Questions are the engines of intellect…” How can all students learn to ask their own questions, learn to improve their questions, and learn to apply their questions effectively to primary sources? This session will offer an active learning opportunity to experience the evidence-based Question Formulation Technique and learn how to implement it with students the very next day. Teachers report that students who learn how to use the QFT become more successful and self-directed learners who become more curious and more engaged historians-in-practice as they inquire from beginning to end of a project.

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