@RightQuestion Digest: The QFT for Sustained Inquiry, for Students Learning English as an Additional Language, & More!

John Larmer (@johnlBIE), Editor in Chief at the Buck Institute for Education, mentions the Question Formulation Technique (QFT) in his blog, “Gold Standard PBL: Sustained Inquiry.” This blog eloquently describes sustained inquiry through providing classroom examples from different grade levels. Read the blog here.


Connie Williams, a National Board Certified Teacher Librarian at Petaluma High School in California, provides a wonderful commentary addressing the question, “What if…students asked their own questions?” Read the blog here.



Adam Bodley (@Ajarn_Adam), a biology educator who teaches students who are learning English as an additional language (EAL), tried out the Question Formulation Technique with his Thai students. Read his blog to see how it went!


Connie Hamilton (@ConnieHamilton) made this nifty chart which provides an overview of the Question Formulation Technique.


Alane Starko (@AlaneStarko), a Professor at Eastern Michigan University, wrote about the Question Formulation Technique in her blog post, “Students as Questioners 2: Make Just One Change.” Read her thoughts about the Question Formulation Technique here.

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