Inquiring Minds: Curiosity as a Catalyst to Discovery

written and compiled by Jane Santa Cruz  This issue of InQuiring Minds reaches back to explore that initial feeling of curiosity that can then spark all learning, creativity, and innovation. We should understand why curiosity is so valuable before we can begin to know how to keep our curiosity alive. The articles below capture the […]

InQuiring Minds: Is a Patient Portal Enough?

Compiled and Written by Right Question Intern Jessica Faust. Although IT solutions help involve patients in their appointments through apps and portals, miscommunication between care provider and patient is still a prevalent issue in medicine. The articles below highlight the challenges of engaging patients and demonstrate the prevailing need for non-technological strategies to complement IT solutions […]

InQuiring Minds: High-Tech and Low-Tech Patient Engagement Perspectives

This issue of inQuiring Minds focuses on the different methodologies being discussed to engage patients in their healthcare. The articles below break down this challenge by indicating the need for a combination of high-and low-tech solutions to improve patient involvement and transparency in medicine. “Without information, and without a voice, patients are unlikely to flip […]

InQuiring Minds: Reaching Deeper Learning Through Questions

This issue of inQuiring Minds focuses on problem-based learning and deeper learning as a result of asking questions.  The articles below underscore how individual- and group-led questioning relates to these two themes and ultimately, leads to a myriad of positive outcomes including increased engagement and greater understanding. In this article, The Critical Thinking Community highlights […]

inQuiring Minds: Initiating Innovation

Innovation seems to be a buzzword but what does it really mean? How can we understand innovation as the product of great questions? Questioning has been found to be at the heart of innovation. As we speed through the beginning of the year, The Right Question Institute has been considering the power of questions as […]

InQuiring Minds: Engaging Patients and Motivating Students

After a brief hiatus we are back with the latest installment of inQuiring Minds. We continue to expand our work in health care, where community health workers are now learning to teach patients to ask better questions and participate in decisions. Stay tuned to this blog for more updates about RQI’s work in health care […]

InQuiring Minds: The Importance of Questions

The Right Question Institute has been busy this summer–last week, we held our second annual East Coast Seminar, and next week we’ll head to Chicago for a one-day event. We have enjoyed meeting so many educators dedicated to teaching students to ask questions. Take a look at Storify to see what participants from our East […]

inQuiring Minds #009

Hello again from the Right Question Institute. A number of notable articles about fostering inquiry and curiosity in the classroom have popped up in the past couple weeks, and we’re here to share them with you. Take a look at the links below and then let us know your thoughts: comment at the bottom of […]

inQuiring minds #008

We’re back with InQuiring Minds, keeping you up-to-date on the latest articles, posts, and online discussions that have caught our eye. Take a look at the links below, and keep the conversation going on Facebook and Twitter. As always, we would love to hear what you’re thinking about and reading. Encouraging Inquiry Questions play an […]

inQuiring minds #007

Welcome to our newest installment of inQuiring Minds, where we feature a slice of online conversation that has caught our attention recently. We hope to hear your comments and opinions, and as always, help us keep the conversation going through Facebook and Twitter! In “Conversations: What Are You Learning?” Deborah Owens shares her own use […]