Biography and Bioethics: 9th Graders Ask Questions about the Immortal Life of Henrietta Lacks

It all began with a question. For writer and journalist Rebecca Skloot, it was a question she asked as a high school student in a college biology lecture that launched her into a decades long research and writing process that eventually became the New York Times Bestseller, The Immortal Life of Henrietta Lacks. After a […]

Cultivating Curiosity by Deliberately Teaching Students How to Ask Questions by Andrew Minigan

In his piece for Education Week, Andrew Minigan, RQI Education Project and Research Coordinator, writes, “Question formulation is fundamental to cognitive development and how we learn from others, and yet it is a skill that is rarely developed in classrooms.” Read his post on the importance of deliberately teaching students how to ask questions.   […]

My Learning Philosophy

By Nicole Cruz, RDH, BSDH It’s vital that I structure my classroom as a learning environment, and not just a teaching environment. The difference is simple: in a learning environment, the focus is on the students and their learning. In a teaching environment, the focus is on the knowledge of the teacher. The whole point […]

Three and Four Year Old Students Learning to Ask Their Own Questions

By: Lisa Bernadino, Kristen Harvey, Andrea Serino, Kristen Sasso, Donna Rosso, & Margaret Adams “In early childhood classrooms, science based lessons are something that are often done, but not as often explored by students,” shares Kristen Harvey, Pre-Kindergarten teacher at the Franklin. The Franklin Early Childhood Center, part of the Melrose Public Schools in Massachusetts, serves approximately 300 three […]

How to Deepen Student Learning Using PBL & the QFT

By Jim Bentley When I started teaching, my primary concerns were fairly straightforward: engage students personally, plan clear instruction, and manage behavior effectively. I was the leader of instruction, and I perceived my job to be one of shepherding my students and helping them whenever they struggled. Looking back now, I can see it was […]

@RightQuestion Digest: Connections with Project-Based Learning, Information Fluency, & Danielson’s Framework

Improving Student Inquiry In his blog post, Improving Student Inquiry with the Question Formulation Technique (QFT) and PBL, Drew Perkins (@dperkinsed) discusses the value of implementing the QFT in a project-based learning (PBL) classroom. Perkins advocates for the use of the QFT because it can elevate student autonomy and collaboration while also creating a classroom culture of exploration and […]

Inquiring Minds: Curiosity as a Catalyst to Discovery

written and compiled by Jane Santa Cruz  This issue of InQuiring Minds reaches back to explore that initial feeling of curiosity that can then spark all learning, creativity, and innovation. We should understand why curiosity is so valuable before we can begin to know how to keep our curiosity alive. The articles below capture the […]

InQuiring Minds: Reaching Deeper Learning Through Questions

This issue of inQuiring Minds focuses on problem-based learning and deeper learning as a result of asking questions.  The articles below underscore how individual- and group-led questioning relates to these two themes and ultimately, leads to a myriad of positive outcomes including increased engagement and greater understanding. In this article, The Critical Thinking Community highlights […]

InQuiring Minds: The Importance of Questions

The Right Question Institute has been busy this summer–last week, we held our second annual East Coast Seminar, and next week we’ll head to Chicago for a one-day event. We have enjoyed meeting so many educators dedicated to teaching students to ask questions. Take a look at Storify to see what participants from our East […]

inQuiring minds #008

We’re back with InQuiring Minds, keeping you up-to-date on the latest articles, posts, and online discussions that have caught our eye. Take a look at the links below, and keep the conversation going on Facebook and Twitter. As always, we would love to hear what you’re thinking about and reading. Encouraging Inquiry Questions play an […]