Build Media Literacy Skills with the Question Formulation Technique

In an era of fake news, “fish gape,” Instagram selfies, and political Tweets, students need tools to navigate and analyze our media landscape. By learning to ask their own questions about media, and by using questions to engage in rigorous analysis, students can strengthen their ability to think critically about the media-saturated world around them. […]

Free Library of Congress Webinar: Questions are the Engines of Intellect

  The Right Question Institute will be presenting a free webinar, “Questions are the Engines of Intellect”: How to Stimulate Student Curiosity and Questions, on October 26th for the Library of Congress’ Online Conference: Discover and Explore with Library of Congress Primary Sources. Sign up for free today to learn how to use students’ questions for teaching with primary sources, and read […]

Using the QFT in the Professional Development of Librarians

When I was a building librarian, my partner and I always wanted students to develop those metacognitive skills in developing questions as they moved through the research process. Originally, we were moving them through another inquiry process and while this worked well with some students, many students and teachers felt that this method was too […]

inQuiring Minds #009

Hello again from the Right Question Institute. A number of notable articles about fostering inquiry and curiosity in the classroom have popped up in the past couple weeks, and we’re here to share them with you. Take a look at the links below and then let us know your thoughts: comment at the bottom of […]