Promote All Questions: Maintaining Neutrality In Classroom Discussions

Primary QFT:  Being Switzerland One thing that distinguishes elementary students from secondary students is that an elementary student is much more interested in pleasing their teacher.  They are on a constant look out for clues as to what the teacher wants so that they can give it to them and receive the praise and recognition […]

RQI: Looking Back, Encouraging Forward

In the words of artist Antony Gormley, we are “trying to make work that is reflective and is encouraging of reflection.” This year has been a transformative year for our organization and seeing the growth and conversation about the value and impact of our educational strategy has made us very excited for our future. With […]

The Question Not Heard Around the World: A New New Year’s Resolution

  I was four years old. I remember the moment very clearly. My older cousin asked me, “Why do you ask so many questions?” and I responded, “Well, I want to know more and more.” I couldn’t really explain it to her, but I just had this urge to learn about the world around me. […]