@RightQuestion Digest: Connections with Project-Based Learning, Information Fluency, & Danielson’s Framework

Improving Student Inquiry

In his blog post, Improving Student Inquiry with the Question Formulation Technique (QFT) and PBL, Drew Perkins (@dperkinsed) discusses the value of implementing the QFT in a project-based learning (PBL) classroom. Perkins advocates for the use of the QFT because it can elevate student autonomy and collaboration while also creating a classroom culture of exploration and discovery. To learn more about using the QFT in a PBL classroom, read Perkins’ blog post here. 

Building Skills with the Question Formulation Technique

Teresa Diaz (@teresa_diaz), a school media library specialist in San Antonio, TX, understands the impact student driven questions have on students’ learning. In her blog post she provides an overview of the QFT, makes connections with Information Fluency, and explains how the QFT builds students’ questioning skills and other important skills. Check out her blog here.  

The Question Formulation Technique & Danielson’s Framework

In the beginning of the school year, Samantha Hulsman (@srhulsman) discussed classroom rules with her 5th grade students using the QFT; the Question Focus (QFocus) was, “Classes need rules.” Hulsman plans on using the QFT this year to meet the highest standards of Charlotte Danielson’s Framework (section 3b) for Teaching which looks for evidence of student questioning in the classroom.

The QFT for Inquiry-Based Learning

The Question Formulation Technique was mentioned as one of four important techniques that may promote inquiry-based learning in classrooms. John McCarthy, an education consultant, suggests that using the QFT can “lead to rich learning experiences.” Read the Edutopia post.

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