Video: The Question Formulation Technique in a High School Science Class

The Question Formulation Technique (QFT) is being used in schools and districts across the United States. Educators use the QFT to promote student-centered learning and increase student engagement. In this video, students in David Meshoulam’s ninth grade physics class at Newton North High School (Massachusetts) go through the Question Formulation Technique process towards the end of a unit on energy. The Question Focus (QFocus) was: “Powerlines from a power plant carry electricity at voltages of 345,000 volts or more! Transformers, like the one shown reduce that voltage to 120V for home use.”

Watch as David and his students go through each step of the QFT, from generating questions:

  • “Where do they get the electricity?”
  • “How many transformers are around cities?”
  • “Are transformers dangerous?”

To prioritizing questions:

  • “How is voltage reduced?”
  • “Is any energy lost in the process?”

All the way through to their reflection on the value of being able to ask their own questions in the classroom. David Fleishman, Newton Superintendent, also provides his thoughts on the importance of the Question Formulation Technique as a means for collaborative learning.


  1. Do you have a recommended ‘process’ to get from questions to hypothesis?

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